At the centre of everything we do at King Edward VI Balaam Wood Academy are our core values; Be Bold, Be Ambitious, Be Collaborative and Be Kind.

Balaam Wood school curriculum principles
At King Edward VI Balaam Wood Academy it is our intention that our curriculum delivers a “whole” education. This means a commitment to not only developing essential knowledge and skills but also developing essential qualities.

We believe in a curriculum that:

  • Adheres to statutory requirements and responds to local, national and international needs
  • Be tailored to the individual needs of pupils
  • Accelerates the progress of pupils that join below age related expectation
  • Ensures seamless transition
  • Promotes a culture of entrepreneurism and widens the opportunities for pupil leadership
  • Maximises the opportunities of working in effective collaboration with other schools and maximises the opportunities afforded by the size of our school
  • Provides opportunities to learn beyond the classroom
  • Gives pupils an appropriate choice of academic/technical pathways within a structured system
  • Ensures appropriate levels of careers advice and guidance (CIAG)
  • Develop a culture where pupils are aspirational for themselves and for each other and enables young people to become successful lifelong learners
  • Maximise the benefits of family engagement

2021/22 Curriculum Structure

The timetable – The school operates a 50 period two-week timetable (25 periods per week). There are 5 periods per day (4 in the morning, 1 in the afternoon), each of which lasts for one hour, except Wednesday when there are 4 lessons in the morning and a 1 hour enrichment session in the afternoon.

There is a 25-minute break in the morning between periods 2 and 3. Lunchtime is 35 minutes.

We have a commitment to ensure our students have access to a broad and balanced curriculum. All students study our core subjects of English, Maths, and Science and in addition study a language (Spanish), Technology, Humanities subjects, ICT, Creative Arts- music, Art and textiles.

As students move through the school there are increased opportunities to study a broad range of subjects including triple science in year 9 and as students choose their options in year 10 opportunities for GCSEs and Technical awards.

Personal Health and Wellbeing is taught through a comprehensive tutor programme of Life sessions as well as Life lessons in addition these are complimented through our “wellbeing and challenge” days, which take place five times a year. This ensures that our young people develop the knowledge, understanding and skills, which they will need now as students and in the future as adults contributing to their family, community and working lives.

Well-being Wednesdays

In addition to all the above and the broad range of trips, clubs, and sporting activities on offer to our students, there is also an exciting enrichment programme for all students in years 7 and 8; Enrichment takes place every Wednesday afternoon between 1.30 and 3.05pm; entitled ‘Well-being Wednesday’, Here students choose from a range of different activities under the headings of Challenge, Community, and Creativity. These activities are designed to give students an opportunity to try things they may not have thought about and to develop skills and qualities they will need in later life. Year 9s follow the Princes Trust Achieve programme in their Wellbeing Wednesday sessions and year 10s an Employability programme; year 11 have half term master classes and targeted intervention.

If any parent or carer would like more information about our Curriculum, please contact the school and speak to Mrs Davis (Deputy Headteacher).

Enrichment Clubs

We are excited to share with you our timetable of Enrichment activities on offer to our pupils. Some activities will have limited spaces so signing up quickly is strongly recommended. All pupils will need to return a completed consent form to reception to attend our afterschool Enrichment Activities.

BCFC Strike a Change and KICKS will require a separate consent form as they are led by an external provider.

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