What is the King Edward VI Balaam Wood Academy aiming to achieve through their art and design curriculum?
What aspirations have we for our pupils?

We believe in offering a broad and balanced Art Curriculum at King Edward VI Balaam Wood Academy, to give our
pupils the knowledge, skills and confidence to become successful in the 21st Century World, whatever their chosen
path. We work from the National Curriculum guidelines.
The Art and Design curriculum aims for all pupils to learn and develop knowledge about the work of a range of
artists, designers and craftspeople and work within a range of contexts.
Art is an integral part of a pupils’ education and we want all our pupils to become experts in the different disciplines
of Art, Craft and design.
As part of the King Edward VI Balaam Wood Academy Art and design curriculum pupils will:
• Explore a variety of cultural links from around the world and develop an understanding and appreciation of
the role creativity has played culturally and historically.
• Learn what it means to develop ideas and think like an artist and designer and research and critically value
and judge their own and others’ work
• Develop visual language and literacy skills to ‘talk like an artist’ and express themselves confidently and
communicate effectively
• Share opportunities to evaluate and analyse and learn to think creatively and problem solve by
experimenting with a range of techniques processes and applications; in different materials and media.
• Practise to become experts and develop high quality work through the fundamental skills of drawing,
painting and working in 3D. Significant time is given to develop mastery of different art techniques.

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