In the Science Faculty we will:
➢ Provide an ambitious Science Curriculum that delivers the National Curriculum in each key
stage, building upon previous learning and pupils’ current knowledge and understanding.
Provide different routes to meet the needs of all learners.
➢ Encourage students to be inquisitive, question the world around them and develop a
lifelong interest in learning
➢ Allow pupils to be bold and give students the confidence to use their scientific and
mathematical abilities and skills
➢ Encourage pupils to be collaborative by embedding groupwork, problem solving, and social
and communication skills, as well as providing opportunities to work independently
➢ Foster key scientific skills such as research, practical and investigative skills
➢ Make cross-curricular and real-life links to topics when possible and appropriate
➢ Offer a range of extra-curricular opportunities for personal development, cultural
awareness and to see science at work in the real world, as well as showing pupils a range of
scientific further education, higher education and career routes available to them
➢ Develop our pupils’ literacy through regular reading opportunities

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