A revised School Admissions Code came into force on 1 September 2021.

The proposed Code focusses on in-year school admissions and is, in part, a result of the findings of the Department for Education’s review of children in need and recognition of the support required for vulnerable children in the school admissions process.

The Code requires recognition of internationally adopted previously looked after children (IAPLAC), and this has been added to the definitions of looked after children (LAC) and previously looked after children (PLAC) within the relevant section of the school’s Admissions Policy.

The School Admissions Code requires schools to publish details of how the In-Year admissions process will operate. This will be published on the school website by 31st August.

The In-Year process is already included within the Admissions Policy; it is suggested that this is extracted and inserted under a separate heading of “In-Year Admissions” on the Admissions page of the website, together with an indication of the new time frames below, a requirement placed on all admissions authorities by the new Code:

  • Schools must provide details of places available to the Local Authority within two school days of a request for the information;
  • Schools should aim to notify parents of the outcome of their in-year application within 10 school days, and must notify them in writing within 15 school days;
  • Schools must notify the local authority of the application and its outcome as soon as reasonably practicable, but should aim to do so within two school days;
  • Children referred for placement via the Fair Access Protocol must be allocated a school place within 20 school days.

King Edward VI Balaam Wood Academy Admission Policies

King Edward VI Balaam Wood Academy Admission Policies

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