Within PE our aim is to promote healthy active lifestyles and encourage pupils to take part in sport and physical activity outside of school. Our curriculum offers the opportunity for pupils to experience a wide range of sports within and outside of lessons. Some of these sports include basketball, football, handball, badminton, fitness, gymnastics, athletics and rounders to name a few. We also have a wide enrichment offer with clubs on every day of the week, enabling pupils to further progress their skills, or to help improve their fitness and make new friends.

Within KS3, pupils have 3 core lessons a fortnight. Pupils are assessed using the ME in PE model. This model uses four concepts to assess pupils which are cognitive me, physical me, healthy me and social me. Each sport will focus on a different domain and pupils receive either emerging, developing, secure or excellence within each topic.

At KS4 pupils receive 3 core lessons a fortnight with the opportunity for pupils to pick PE as an option in Y10. Pupils follow the BTEC Tech Sport Level 2 course which runs from Y10-Y11. Pupils receive an additional 5 lessons on top of their 3 core PE lessons for this, which is a mixture of theory and practical.

We are also fortunate to have strong links with Birmingham City Football Club who come in and run two football sessions per week. One of these programmes is a mentoring programme through the Cyrille Regis Legacy Trust where pupils learn about the Cyrille Standard, which embodies all of the characteristics shown by Cyrille Regis throughout his career. Pupils visit another club within the midlands every half term, participate in a themed workshop, have a Q&A with an ex-footballer and finally take part in a football tournament with other clubs. Blues also run a Friday evening football session called Kicks, which is another popular club.

“You can’t put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the further you get.” – Michael Phelps

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