The Scholars Programme gives students in secondary school the opportunity to explore higher education and build key skills to help them succeed in the next stages of their education. 

Here at Balaam Wood Academy we run a KS3 Yr 7+8 program and a KS4 Yr 9+10 program. Students take part in a series of seven university-style tutorials, delivered in-school by a PhD tutor throughout the course of an academic term. The tutorials are based on the tutor’s area of research expertise, so pupils explore an inspiring, supra-curricular topic whilst developing key academic skills that support their attainment across the curriculum. Students receive feedback and support from their PhD tutor to write a final assignment of 1,500-2000 words, demonstrating the subject knowledge, written communication and critical thinking skills they have developed throughout the programme.  

On completion of the programme, students visit a university for a Graduation Event to celebrate their achievements and build their understanding of higher education, helping them make informed choices in the future and believe that they can succeed in university-style learning. 

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