Apprenticeships are an alternative pathway that you could pursue either directly after leaving school or as an alternative to university.  As an apprentice you earn a wage and work alongside experienced staff to gain job-specific skills. Apprentices receive training to gain nationally recognised qualifications.

The benefits of apprenticeships include:

  • earning a salary
  • getting paid holidays
  • receiving training
  • gaining industry standard qualifications.
  • learning job-specific skills.


What are T-Levels?

T-Levels are a 2-year qualification that you can do after GCSE’s as an alternative to A levels, other post-16 courses or an apprenticeship.

They have been designed with leading businesses and employers to give you the knowledge and skills you need.

Course breakdown:

80% of your time will be spent in the classroom and the remaining 20% of your time will be on a placement with an employer. This will give you the opportunity to learn what working in your chosen career path is like whilst you gain the academic theory.

There is are no tuition for T-Levels and upon completion your T-level will is worth the same as 3 A-Levels. Qualifications are nationally recognised by universities and other education providers so you can choose to continue to studying if you wish.

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