How we support our staff to ensure that they are the best teachers / support staff for your child…

  1. A kind and supportive environment (we reflect our values).
  2. Open door policy to all SLT.
  3. 15% Planning, Preparation, Assessment time for all staff.
  4. Rarely Cover – we employ supervisors where budgets and logistics allow.
  5. External invigilation for examinations where appropriate.
  6. Reduced meetings / briefings. All set in advance to allow you to plan. Even if they are on the calendar – if we don’t need them – they don’t happen!
  7. Emails – kept to a minimum. No expectation to answer an email out of school hours – but we do need to check them before the start of the school day!
  8. Balaam Wood Quality Mark as a framework to support planning and to clarify expectations.
  9. Effective systems to support with the management of behaviour – high expectations!
  10. SLT visible and available. On-Call system for immediate support.
  11. Changes to data collection – less data, less often, used more! Assessment calendar published at the beginning of the year to allow you to plan.
  12. Changes to parent / carer consultation events – finding the most effective way to get our message across!
  13. Changes to the assessment processes – expectations around marking and feedback. Feedback is for one person only – the pupil!
  14. Access to employee support programmes.
  15. A commitment to your professional development. All CPD linked to ADP and planned to allow you to embed practice. A bespoke approach.
  16. Opportunity to use the Gym facilities.
  17. Our approach to lesson observation and coaching – ‘low stress high impact!’. Non-judgemental approach.
  18. £5-00 photocopier certificates! Secret Friends! Social Opportunities

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