On Tuesday 17th May, two representatives from the Home Office came into school to deliver a talk to Year 9 about Modern Day Slavery and other forms of exploitation. The aim was to both enrich the content of the RE curriculum and raise awareness of the vulnerability of young people to such activity.

All pupils were superbly behaved and many contributed well to the discussions that followed. A few comments from pupils included:

“There are many facts about modern-day slavery and information about how it happens, for example, I was surprised to learn that 75% of modern-day slavery victims are men.”

“I found the talk really useful; it helped me learn about modern day slavery. I learned that both minors and adults can become victims of modern-day slavery although they would have to meet certain criteria. I also learned that not all modern slavery human trafficking and that people can be born into exploitation.”

“The session also made me aware of grooming techniques, what to look out for and how to report it. I’ve learned that some of the grooming techniques include buying you things, treating you as family and convincing you to do things like skipping school.”

 “I think the session was really useful and helped my knowledge of modern-day slavery grow.”


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