Time: 18.00-19.30

Open to: All Years (and parents) welcome

A panel of professionals who work within the Property Industry (Architects, Project Managers, Real Estate, Chartered Surveyors, Town Planners and many more). Whatever your skill base (creative, mathematical, extroverted, introverted) there is sure to be a career within the property industry that will suit you, a very diverse, interesting set of jobs. These professionals will give you an overview of their career path and then the evening will be open to Q&A’s from the audience. Parents are welcome.

Information: The tickets are free but in order to keep a check on numbers due to Covid you have to book via the RPAC system: https://tickets.ruddockpac.co.uk/sales/events/ruddock-hall/kes-property-career-panel-even

Location: Ruddock Hall, KES


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