Our 12 Year 8 pupils have had their final session with Kurly (the Performance Poet) and their folders for the ARTS Award are completed and are on their way to be marked! We will keep you updated when the results are in.

Over the course of the award, pupils have learned the process of how to successfully put together a poem using rhyming couplets; they have created their own poems around the theme of ‘Success’; they have planned and delivered their own training sessions to the rest of the group and they have experienced an element of the ARTS by attending a dress rehearsal of ‘Cinderella’ by the Birmingham Royal Ballet at the Hippodrome Theatre. Throughout the award, the pupils have been assessed and recorded feedback on what worked well for them and what they could improve on. All of the pupils involved have spoken positively about their experience saying that the sessions have given them increased confidence, a real sense of achievement and they have welcomed the new experiences they have been given. Here are just a selection of photographs capturing some of the sessions taking place:

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