On Thursday 30th March, an exciting opportunity took place at Balaam Wood School: a live screening of the Royal Shakespeare Company’s new production of The Tempest, the last play Shakespeare wrote (first performed in 1611). This live screening was offered to all pupils in years 7 and year 9 in order to introduce and prepare them for their Shakespeare studies in the Summer term.

We were especially privileged to be joined by Fiona Ingram, the Head of Education for the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford, who was particularly impressed with the quality of the feedback pupils gave her following the screening. In addition, we were one of three schools specifically welcomed to the screening, helping to putting Balaam Wood School on the map!

Prior to this experience, a majority of our pupils have not had the opportunity to see a Shakespeare play performed and following the screening nearly all pupils stated that they strongly agree that the opportunity to see a play performed will help them when it comes to studying the text.

Pupils said:

‘I learned that Shakespeare used a wide variety of themes in his plays.’

‘I learned that Shakespeare’s language has lots of connections to our modern English language.’

‘I enjoyed the parts where Ariel came on and when he was using his avatar. I also loved the parts where Ariel was singing.’

‘I loved seeing how the projections worked because I want to do this in my dream job.’

‘It was AMAZING.’

‘Wonderful, bright, interesting’

‘The most amazing tech!’

‘I think the scenery sets the mood for us in a way because it shows us a side to Prospero, like a disheartened side, with no morals. Then we seemed to zoom into the only things on the island like his servants and his daughter (the only things he truly loves). The shipwreck probably showed us how distraught he was and what he went through in his life.’

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