Academy FAQs

Following the announcement of our collaboration with King Edward VI Academy Trust Birmingham, there will no doubt be a number of questions that pupils, parents, carers and staff will have. Although we will not immediately have the answer to all of those questions, we will update the following list of frequently asked questions as things develop. If you would like to email a question into us, please use the following email address:

Why are we changing to become an Academy?

The school is converting to become an Academy following the Ofsted Inspection in May 2018. One of the outcomes of the inspection was the issuing of an Academy order. This formally started the process of the school converting to become an Academy.

Is the uniform going to change?

This is still under discussion but it is not foreseen that the uniform will not change dramatically beyond a change to the badge which appears on the school blazer and on the tie. It is envisaged that a patch will be produced to go over the top of the current blazer badge and that new ties will be distributed to all pupils.

Will parents and carers have to pay for new uniform?

No. The school has always supplied uniform for new starters and, in the past when uniform has changed, has also provided the items free of charge.

Will the school become selective in terms of its Admissions Policy?

The school will continue to be non-selective in its Admissions.

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